geek on a mission

In spite of the Industrial Age having ended in the 1960's we still often approach human functions as if people are simply stamped out en masse from a mold. Whether we are talking about school, work, or even relationships, we seem to expect people to get in line and function in a particular way: The Right Way.

In contrast, theories of personality tell us that there are multiple ways to function effectively. When you include an endless variety of learned skills and aptitudes you end up with endless opportunities for new perspectives and new solutions.

The differences in the ways we perceive and interact with the world are the source of innovation, when we allow it. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to trust what we know; what is like us. We surround ourselves with people who are the same. So, instead of innovation and creativity, we have redundancy. If difference is present but discouraged, instead of getting our best work, we get mediocrity, disengagement and stress.

In my various roles as a Psychologist, I work to help people understand their best, most effective selves. I help them to understand others, and to appreciate how interpersonal differences benefit us all. It is my mission to help people understand how to be their best selves in the middle of differences. I help people to work WITH their styles and skills, and to work WITH people with different styles and skills, instead of against them. 




It doesn't take long for me to find something new and interesting. A new challenge waits around every corner.

For me, people are the most interesting challenge of all. I truly am a Psychology Geek. I love the complexity. On the inside this includes the hardware like genetics and neurobiology. It also includes the software, the learning and experiences that have accumulated over our lives. We experience it all as personalities, behaviors, habits, thoughts, emotions, impulses and relationships.

Whether it is in professional or personal realms, my understanding of how people work creates an approach that is both pragmatic and optimistic. Where others see problems, I see opportunities to find new and innovative ways to approach a situation. Where others see deficiencies, I see the natural differences among people. No one is good at everything. You either find ways to develop in areas of weakness or you find ways to use your strengths to work around them. 

Of course, I'm not just a Psychology Geek, I also love some good Science Fiction/Fantasy. My especial favorites being Dr. Who and Game of Thrones. Other areas of especial enthusiasm are the great outdoors and good food/drink. Having recently moved to the Portland, OR area, I have been happily exploring both. Whether it is hiking, camping, climbing, sailing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or just hanging out on the porch with a beer and friends, life is good. In the food and drink realm, I have been enjoying winery and microbrewery tours, and trying new restaurants. There are so many excellent places, I am happy to say I haven't found a favorite. Yet. 

So thats a little about me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any recommendations for PDX food and drink, NW outdoor exploring, or anything else you think I might geek out about. And of course, if you are curious about how I can help you find your inner hero.


- Erin Currie, PhD