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Knowledgeable and skilled in:

Consultation and Clinical Services

  • Strategic hiring for small businesses to fill new roles and/or complement existing team dynamics.

  • Facilitating team building workshops and retreats.

  • Identifying client strengths and areas for growth using personality and workstyle assessments.

  • Creating and facilitating implementation of professional development plans for individuals and teams. Topics include communication, organization, time management, and assertiveness.

  • Serving on committees tasked with employee and student retention.

  • Training regarding the impacts of mental illness and trauma on work performance and behavior.

  • Working with people from diverse backgrounds based on gender identification, race/ethnicity, geographic origin, sexuality, religion, age, military and socio-economic status.

Teaching and Supervision

  • Classroom instruction of undergraduate and masters-level university students.

  • Curriculum and outcome evaluation design and implementation.

  • Supervision and training for doctoral counseling students in beginning and advanced practica.




Licensed Psychologist:

  • State of Oregon: License Number: 2594 Original Oregon License Date: 4/8/2015


Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Psychology in Counseling Psychology

May, 2010 - University of Utah

APA Accredited

Master of Science, Educational Psychology in Counseling Psychology

August, 2007 - University of Utah

Baccalaureate of Science, Psychology

December, 2002 - University of Wisconsin, Madison


Certified Practitioner:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • FIRO-B

  • Strong Interest Inventory




MyPsychgeek, LLC - Beaverton, OR

Founded 2/2015

Provide customized training and consulting in team building, and interpersonal and workflow effectiveness for those in the science, technology, engineering and math industries. Help small businesses hire for new positions strategically crafted to meet their skills and interpersonal dynamic needs. Provide team building strategies using personality and work style assessments, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and FIRO-B.


Adjunct Professor

Portland State University - Portland, OR

1/2016 - present

Construct and Instruct courses in the field of Psychology, including Introduction to Counseling and Psychology of Personality. Assess student performance and evaluate course effectiveness to continue to improve instruction.


Staff Psychologist

University of North Carolina, Greensboro


Conducted individual, couples and group counseling with university students. Provided psychodiagnostic assessment and student crisis response. Provided outreach education to the campus community on topics related to college mental health and wellness. Provided consultation with faculty and staff regarding interpersonal violence policy and procedures.


Staff Psychologist

Metropolitan State University - Saint Paul, MN

7/2010 - 12/2013

Counseling Services Coordinator: 10/2009 – 6/2010

Conducted personal, academic, and group counseling. Conducted supervision for doctoral practicum counselors. Presented to the campus community on topics such as academic skills, common mental health issues of non-traditional college students, and diversity training. Project management included organizing trainings for higher education professionals, and the summer Leadership Retreat.


Adjunct Faculty Instructor

Argosy University, Twin Cities - Eagan, MN

8/2009 - 11/2010

Courses: Counseling Theories; Career Counseling: Assessment, Theory and Practice; Ethics in Counseling; Professionalization in Counseling

Developed and taught curriculum via a hybrid online/in-class format to Masters of Clinical Psychology students. Evaluated student development and outcomes. Courses focused on current practices and standards, critical analysis of the field, and integrating competency with diverse clients.


Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern

University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN

APA Accredited

8/2008 – 8/2009

Conducted personal, career and academic counseling. Provided walk-in and phone crisis counseling. Conducted psychodiagnostic, career and academic skills assessments. Provided supervision to doctoral practicum counselors. Served as liaison to the Law School’s Peer Support Network, providing consultation and training on stress related mental health issues, basic helping skills and making appropriate referrals. Provided outreach on topics including diversity, time management, and healthy communication skills.


Program Evaluation, Primary Investigator

University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT

6/2007 – 12/2007

Designed evaluation of the Strategies for College Success course, assisted with data interpretation and wrote the final report, executive summary  and presentation. Collaborated with representatives from the University of Utah Budget and Analysis department and the Learning Enhancement Program.


Instructor, Teaching Assistant

University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT

8/2004 - 8/2007

Course: Strategies for College Success.

Developed and taught curriculum for undergraduate students. Evaluated student progress. Course content was divided into three major areas: self-knowledge, academic skills, and critical thinking.


Administrative Assistant

Powderject Pharmaceuticals, Inc - Middleton, WI


Primary responsibility for Main Reception. Other responsibilities assigned included maintenance of on-site library and online library access, job application processing for HR, and assisting Shipping and Receiving as needed.




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Board of Directors - Member

The Giving Tree NW


The Giving Tree is committed to providing professional resident services to people living in affordable housing. In addition to providing conventional resident services, such as advocacy and resource referral, we also provide a unique set of programming focused on art and wellness education. This is with the ultimate goal of not just providing basic survival resources, but also helping provide key quality of life elements that most people take for granted.


Committee Chair

Student Leadership Retreat Curriculum & Assessment Committee

Metropolitan State University


Organized colleagues in the design, implementation, and assessment of the 2013 Student Leadership Retreat. Our tasks included development of the theme, solicitation and selection of workshop presentations, creation of large group activities, creation of learning outcomes, design and implementation of outcome assessments, data analysis and report. This was the most highly attended and well rated Retreat to date.