Be A Workplace SuperHERO

The point of the  Workplace Hero's journey is to develop one's strengths, gain perspective, and overcome one's weaknesses and nemeses. 

We all have powers: job skills and personal strengths we can use to pursue our goals. We all have weaknesses: blind spots that can bring us down at the worst moments. We all have arch nemeses: external forces that stand in our way. If we are lucky, we have a solid team that uses our strengths, covers our blindspots and can help us face our nemeses.

Common Workplace Weaknesses

  • Organization

  • Time Management

  • Communication

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Stress

  • Micromanaging


Personal Professional Development

Workday Mastery:

No one workplace solution works for all people. I help you identify tools and techniques for daily work flow improvement that match how your brain works at work.

Interpersonal Excellence:

I provide a step-by-step process for understanding the perspectives of others and effectively expressing your own perspectives.

Common Workplace Nemeses

  • Workload

  • Ineffective Team Dynamics

  • Interpersonal Differences

  • Ineffective Communication and Feedback Systems

  • Lack of Training

  • Lack of Resources


team development

Build an Unbeatable Team

Understanding the needs of one person and negotiating your differences can be hard enough. Getting everyone on the same page can feel like an impossible feat.

I help small businesses create effective teams based on skill set and interpersonal dynamic needs unique to your company. This can include assistance in the employee search and hiring process.

I work with established teams, providing a step-by-step process for understanding the needs of the group and the individuals in it. I provide customized plans for effective team workflow based on the duties of the team as a whole and the work styles of the individuals.



Never Be Sean Bean, and Other Lessons from Game of Thrones

Depending on your workplace, you might find yourself empathizing with characters from the Game of Thrones. Toxic, fear-based workplaces can make it seem like every word and deed needs to be a well crafted power play. In my next blog series I'm going to point out some lessons that can be taken from Game of Thrones to help us be more savvy in the workplace, starting with Ned Stark.


You Can Be A Superhero Too!

I've been asked, why use Superheroes and other fictional characters when talking about real-world issues like workplace effectiveness and team building. I love answering this question... 



My love of all things geek and psychology come together with some excellent like-minded folks in these compilations edited by Dr. Travis Langley. Popular culture helps us better understand human psychology and psychology gives us fun new ways to understand our favorite popular cultures.

Game of Thrones psychology: The mind is dark and full of terrors


Daredevil psychology: The devil you know

Doctor Who psychology: A madman with a box



Westworld psychology: Violent delights

Wonder Woman psychology: lassoing the truth


The Joker psychology: Evil clowns and the women who love them

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Supernatural psychology: Roads less traveled